Thursday Night Charity Shoot



What is Thursday Night Charity Shoot?

If you are not familiar with our Thursday Night Charity Shoot here are some details. Come by and check it out but be sure to bring your gear. When you see what goes on you will want to join us! We shoot every Thursday night from 6 – 8 pm.


Safety is first and foremost and everyone’s responsibility. While there will always be at least one certified range safety officer on the course, anyone at any time may call CEASE FIRE. At that point we will secure the range and then deal with whatever the problem is. The first time you show up to participate, a range safety officer will go over the procedures and safety rules with you before you come downrange to shoot. Due to everyone’s diligence we have never had a serious problem.

The Set-up

We close the short side of the range and bring one participant at a time downrange to shoot the course. The scenario is different every week and you will find it very different than standing in a booth and shooting at a stationary target. At various times we have shot standing still, we have shot on the move, at targets moving toward us and  at targets moving away from us. We have shot targets swinging back and forth and others moving from one side of the range to the other. We have shot from behind, over, under, around, and even through barricades. Depending on the set-up, you may be required to shoot two-handed, one-handed or with your non-dominant hand. (It’s really not as difficult as it sounds…)

To shoot the scenario one time typically requires somewhere between 15 and 23 rounds and we usually have one mandatory reload. Sometimes a course will take a specific number of rounds and other times you will load as many as you think you may need.

Keeping Score

When each shooter confirms that they are ready, an electronic timer beeps and the clock starts. It stops automatically after you fire your last shot. Each missed target adds a three second penalty to your time. Your score is your time plus any penalties.

Individual Shooting Ability

This is a very friendly competition. We have a wide variety of shooters in terms of experience and ability. Our goal is simply to improve our individual skills and have a good time doing it. (You must, however, bring with you a basic knowledge of how your gun operates. While we are always happy to help people improve, this is not the time to try to learn which button is the slide release and which is the safety…)


A tournament fee of $10.00 is paid to Shooter’s Choice prior to shooting. At the end of the evening we ask for a $2.00 donation for each time you “came to bat,”  with a maximum donation of $10.00 per person. The donation is separate from the tournament fee and we do have a family rate. As the donations accumulate we will periodically choose a charity and write a check to them. Among others, we have donated to the USO, Delaware Hospice, the Explorers, My House (a women’s shelter), the First Sergeants’ Fund, the Salvation Army, Shepherd’s Place (a homeless shelter), the Smyrna Library, the Kent County SPCA, the Military Officers Association Scholarship Fund and numerous others.


After we stop for the evening, we usually head down the road to the Bob Evans restaurant, where we “eat pie and tell lies.” In the end, we have a good time, our shooting improves and a lot of deserving folks benefit by what we are doing. Come out and give it a shot!



See you Thursday!!!!