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Shooter’s Choice offers the only “public” indoor shooting range in Delaware. Our “state of the art” range is a safe and environmentally friendly atmosphere that allows anyone  interested in firearms to learn and practice skills in a controlled and safe environment.


Our electronically controlled range has 2 separate 5 position ranges for flexibility in training, leagues, and informal target shooting and is just one of the many advantages offered at Shooter’s Choice.  On the long side, enjoy a 75’ target distance that is great for sighting in your long guns. Come shoot your handguns, shotguns (slugs only) and rifles. (No high-power rifles  .223/5.56 maximum). On the short side, benefit from a 50’ target distance. This side will also accommodate all jacketed and non-jacketed rounds up to and including 500 S&W.


Our range is affordable to use, whether you bring your firearm or rent one of ours.  The fees to use the range are as follows:


  • If you bring your firearm – $20.00 per person/ per visit.


If you rent a Shooter’s Choice firearm -


  • Range – $20.00 per person / per visit

  • Firearm – $15.00 per hour

  • All rental firearms are required to use ammunition purchased from Shooter's Choice at the time of renting.

  • Additionally, you are required to have eye and over the ear protection prior to going into the range.

  • We have a wide selection of targets to choose from. We do not allow any "bad guy" style targets.