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These Safety Classes are great for every level of shooter, from basic introduction through the experienced.



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Basic Handgun Safety class offers:

  • Introduction

  • Storage and Transportation

  • Safety

  • Grip and Stance

  • Sight alignment and picture

  • Trigger pull and follow through

  • Breathing technique

  • Loading and unloading

  • Time on range

How To Survive A Mass Shooting:

Mass shootings have become all too familiar today and that is unacceptable. This course is designed to give us the information and data to identify, reduce, control, and then eliminate these incidents. This two part course is perfect for school staffers, administration, teachers, volunteers, church leaders, security, and parishioners, parents, grandparents, students or anyone concerned about this type of event.

For a more personal, individual training session, please feel free to contact a staff member at 302-736-5166 to schedule an appointment.